1. ==Tracy is the biological mother of Calvin's first born son Calvin Jr. She is also the ex-girlfriend of Calvin. It was revealed that her husband died and she felt very lonely. And when she came for a unexpected visit to Calvin she kissed Calvin in surprise. This strained the somewhat friendship that binds Tracy, Calvin, and Miranda. When Calvin's condo caught on fire she returned to see Calvin Jr at the hospital. She came just at the moment to question Miranda when as revealed that she left Calvin Jr. in the condo, but took Christian with her. She then became very angry and irritable with both Calvin and Miranda. She accused Miranda of leaving her son to die and threatened to ruin Calvin's life if her son died. By the end of the show Calvin Jr was shown to be alive and Tracy decided not to push for full custody. She was nice then she heard that happen then she got mad and was crying and when she saw janine she said you the one who was on crack selling drugs'''' == ==

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