Jasmine payne
  • JazzzyPayne is the great niece of Curtis and Ella.The cousinof Calvin and Miranda. the cousin of Christian and Calvin jr. and the sister of Malik,Hayden and Jayden along with their parents Janine and C.J. jazmine is an extrovert she loves to sing she looks just like Janine and helped feel the void that was left by their mom. Jazmine grows throughout the serious and finds a interest in makeup and boys.C.J. being an overprotective father and Malik being ajn overprotective brother walk in on her and happy family.When Jasmine wants to go to her first dance with a boy C.J. and Curtis talk to and threaten the boy that wants to go with her.At one point she had a crush on Malik's friend Kevin. She wants to have a boyfriend.
  • == Antagonist  sides ==
  • She  insults malik. 
  • She  insults  malik's girlfriends.
  • She  says  malik  can't play the saxophone and says malik is horrible at playing the saxophone.
  • She  cheated on her math test.
  • She starts  fights with  malik.
  • She  makes  fun of malik.
  • She  was being rudge to nicole  jamieson. 
  • She  told  nicole to go sit somewhere else and she told nicole get out and close the door on her.
  • She disrespected  nicole  jamieson and didn't even apologize to her.
  • She  cursed at kid at school. 
  • She  cursed at Malik.
  • She  locked  malik  and her Aunt ella out of the house
  • She  don't  want  her  father to date  any woman other her mother. 
  • She  Insulted  Malik's  friend Kevin.