History Edit

He plays the role of a loving, caring, and reliable husband and father. He is

Calvin Payne

the son of Curtis and Ella Payne. The cousin of C.J. and the husband of Miranda the cousin of Jazmine, Jayden, Mailk, and Hadyen. The father of Christian and Calvin Jr. and the ex boyfriend of Tracy. In the second to last episode he is shot by one of Miranda's clients because he had beaten him up the day before for trying to pull a move on Miranda lying on c.j and janine's floor he survived. Him and miranda go through several problems after he get shot and ends up getting divorced.

Antagonists   sidesEdit

He   disrespected  his father.

He  talk back to his father.

He  got mad about the wedding.

He   disrespected  the waitress and  was  being rude to waitress.

He got  insecure at the resturant about miranda stepping out on him. 

He  disrespected  miranda  by saying  i'm  not talking to you i'm talking to him. 

He got mad at miranda at the resturant for no reason because he thought she was dating a guy but it was her cousin.

He  didn't carry  miranda  in with a brush holder. 

Calvin  was being rude to Miranda's ex boyfriend David.

Calvin Disrespected Miranda and Insulted her by calling her stupid.

Calvin kissed his friends wife Mercedes

He   cheated on Miranda and betrayed Miranda trust.

He betrayed his friend Diego trust.

He yelled at Miranda.

He yelled at C.J

He wanted to get revenge on the guy who shot him.

Appearance Edit

Calvin is a african american man with short black hair and dark brown eyes. As the series grew Calvin began to grow a small beard and mustache. Calvin is very well-built and strong

Portrayed byEdit

Calvin Payne is portrayed by Lance Gross

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